Eat together Eat beautifully!

Eat together Eat beautifully!

We often tend to ignore or rather underplay the importance of our dining tables at home, one of the most important places at home. A place where we laugh with our family, banter with them, make some critical decisions of our lives, enjoy an intimate meal with a  partner or with a set of friends and so many many more memories that are cherished forever. 

Making a meal time special doesn't require too much of anyone's efforts, it only makes ourselves  and others around us feel a little bit more special. As our lifestyle gets faster with every changing day, it becomes even more important for us to create a mood/space that is not only beautiful but a significant part of everyone's day. 

Below we have put together a couple of ideas that can help one quickly fix up an intimate table. 

Using serviettes 
There are various ways to display a serviette, on the plate, under the plate, making a shape and placing it on a plate and also using it as a cover to the cutlery on the sides. One may pick any style they like and use a serviette while placing the plates. 

Plate on Plate 
A display so basic of placing a small size plate on top of a large size plate makes the set up look so much more thoughtful and more ready for a meal time. One can use 3 sets of plates to make the table setup more dense. The colors can also be played around with, one can use alternate complimentary colors to add a little spite.  

Table Runners
A beautiful break on a large table can make the gathering feel more close, using a thin spread of fabric/ mat in the centre of the table (commonly called a table runner) gives some life to a large size table. 

Centre piece
One can use a prominent object to be displayed at the centre of the table, it could be a small vase or a collection of flowers, stacks of candle stands, anything that brings a little character to the table.

Using plants 
Plants bring in a-lot of life and freshness to the table, adding a small plant with leaves/ flowers protruding out not only looks beautiful but adds a natural refreshing vibe to the mood. 

Assign seats with name tags 
Sometimes one may just want to make the set up a little more ceremonial, one can use name tags that can be placed on a person plate along with a little dry flower making it look pretty without any efforts.