Lhotse Cups
Lhotse Cups
Lhotse Cups

200 ml

Lhotse Cups

Sale priceRs. 650.00

Dainty-looking Lhotse cups are the complete opposite of the name of the solemn Lhotse mountain. Alluring hand-done pieces that add elegance to any countertops are our Lhotse cups. 

Material: Stoneware
Capacity: Approx 200 ml
Height: 6 cms
Diameter: 9 cms
Weight: Approx 150 gms

All products are completely handmade and handcrafted by the artisans of Nepal, there may be slight variation in each product as they are unique in nature.

Note: Prices valid for purchase in India only. All our products are handmade in Nepal.

Material: Stoneware, Clay & Minerals
Color: Mitti, Turquoise
Dimensions: 3.5 inches diameter/ 2.4 inches in height.